Our Board

Our Board is composed of volunteers with varied backgrounds.  They guide Lancaster/Northumberland Habitat for Humanity and the work we do. Our board is a “working Board.”  That is, we do not have an Executive Director, all work done is managed and/or led by a Board Member.

Our Board is broken into Committees and Subcommittees:

  • Executive Committee
  • Family Selection
  • Family Support
  • Construction
  • Site Selection/Real Estate Acquisition
  • Development
  • Budget and Finance
  • Public Relations
  • Faith Relations
  • ReStore Management
  • Habitat Compliance
  • Nominating Committee
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • InterFaith Coordinator

Board Members serve on one or more Committees/Sub-committees.

Members of the Board are:

Executive Committee                    

  • President – Eddy Whichard
  • Vice President – Vacant
  • Treasurer – Leroy Wonson
  • Secretary – Victoria Gardiner


  • Lucia R. Schoelwer
  • Christopher M. Dameron
  • Dick Bennett
  • Ralph Hendrickson
  • Sandra Baxter
  • Alex Mason
  • Rev. Donald Conaway
  • Elizabeth Barton
  • Edna Davenport
  • Jim Dullea
  • Barbara McCarthy
  • Alan Ross
  • Frantasia Howard
  • Annemarie Walsh

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